Product Applications

International Shipment Loading Goods Video

Madam Sun Factory Activities

Hows we do labeling job for our products?

The Auto Labeling Machine can be able to perform the labeling job precisely and effectively.

Container Loading

We have a lot of blessings to count on including our loyal customers who continue to support us during this challenging time, also all of Madam Suns employees, suppliers, last but not least blessing from Above........💕💕

Madam Sun's LCL Shipment (Less-than-Container-Load )

For local and international business, we are able to do smaller orders as well with Madam Suns products packed on pallet (1M3) loading on lorry or truck. Check out this interesting video 🙂

Showing around the Passion Fruit Plantation

How we manage the Fresh Dragon Fruit in Factory

Product Applications

Salad Dressing - Red Dragon Fruit Salad Dressing by Madam Sun

Fruit Tea ˮ

Virgin Mojito (MockTail)

Calamansi Cucumber Tea

Watermelon Mojito Ī

Dragon Fruit Sauce-How to make the delicious sauce at home during party time or friends visiting?

Honey Lemon Ginger


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