Frozen Fruit Puree

Madam Sun Frozen Puree has great taste, nutrition and made with real fresh fruits. We only use prime quality fruits harvested at the peak of ripeness. At our manufacturing plant, we immediately inspect, clean crush the frest fruit and gently pasteurize it for wholesomeness. The result is premium quality 100% fruit puree and juice. Since we use only fresh fruit and nothing else, our products have fiber and nutrients which can make tasty and nutritious refreshing beverages and delicious food products.

Frozen Banana Puree

Frozen Mango Puree

Frozen Passion Fruit Puree with Seeds

Frozen Pineapple Puree

Calamasi Juice / Puree

Frozen Grapefruit Juice / Puree with Grapefruit Pulps

Green Lime Juice / Puree

Lemon Juice / Puree

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